Metropolitan Government Pavement Engineers Council - MGPEC


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MGPEC was established to improve the quality of pavements throughout the region and lower the life-cycle cost of pavement maintenance at the local level through the use of standardized paving materials and uniform design, construction, and maintenance practices.

MGPEC is an example of partnerships that are accomplishing activities that will advance improvements in how we manage our infrastructure on a day-to-day basis. 

MGPEC works cooperatively with local government agencies, suppliers, and private industry in order to promote these goals.

MGPEC looks forward to your involvement and support of our organization.  The best way we can accomplish these goals is through your participation and involvement.

Annual membership dues for governmental agencies are based on the populations of the jurisdictions the member represents.  
     •  Population under 25,000          Annual Dues = $ 65.00
     •  Population over 25,000            Annual Dues = $250.00

Associate Memberships are available for all other entities.
     •  Associate Membership           Annual Dues = $ 65.00

If you are interested in becoming a member or need to renew your annual membership please fill out the form below and click on submit.

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